5 Famous Internet Cats

All cats are adorable and can make your heart melt in a jiffy however there are a few kitties that went VIRAL. Why is that? Let’s have a look.

The Grumpy Cat

The grumpy cat might just be the most used meme photo on the internet. “Tardar Sauce” became famous on the internet in 2012 when her photo was uploaded on Reddit. Her unique features are the result of feline dwarfism; other than that she has a clean bill of health. She also happens to be very famous; her Instagram is populated with pictures of famous celebrities cuddling this tiny grumpy looking kitty. Tardar has her own website that will tell you all about her and also sell you some adorable merchandise if you happen to be a fan of her grumpy little face!


Just like the name suggests Lil BUB is as little as they get. This is one adorably unique cat that was born with a multitude of anomalies. However this accident turned into endless joy for the  person that ended up rescuing her. BUB’s deformities have made her into this adorable little button that is a “perma kitten” (yes she is going to be a kitten all her life; physically & personality wise). She also happens to have an extra toe on all four paws and her tongue permanently hangs out. There is a whole website for LilBUB where you can find out more about this internet sensation.

Sam The Cat With Eyebrows

Just like the rest of the famous cats here on the list Sam is a rescue cat as well. However he was not adopted from a shelter; he was abandoned by someone! Imagine their dismay now! A loving family noticed his unique presence and decided to foster him. But they fell so in love with that adorable face that they couldn’t give him up. His online fame has brought him 248K followers on Instagram and of course! Sam the eyebrow cat has a website!

Snoopy the Cat

All the cats mentioned above became an internet sensation due to their cute but peculiar looks that emerged as nature’s anomalies however Snoopy happens to be so perfect by human standards that it became a show cat before it was an internet sensation. Snoopy is an exotic short hair with adorably large round eyes and a punch face that you can’t help but squish. Snoopy too started its internet fame journey in 2012; initially the owner uploaded photos just to Weibo. But due to the limited audience a blog and an Instagram account was started to feature this squiggly fur ball.

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

This little torty has not just been an internet sensation but a scientific one as well. Venus has been the focus of geneticists and doctors because she might as well be considered as one of a kind. Her condition is so rare that the entire world is in awe of how Venus’s genetics have presented themselves. It is speculated that she has a separate genetic makeup on each side. However the kitty is still the focus of a lot of attention and cause of a lot of mystery.

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