Interesting Facts About Cats’ Love For Furniture Items

Cat love things that are playful, fun and looks like home. We can call them furniture for our comfort. These things may include boxes, cardboard, trees, towers, scratching posts, condos, wall shelves and litter box. With the advancement of technology, many cat items have been modernize like automatic cat litter box for self cleaning and feeding bottles. Cats love to explore their belongings, play with them and often scratch themselves with them. This behavior is common among all types of cats.

Did you get any thought about why cats love these things so much?

What psyche works behind such behaviors?


Well, Don’t worry. Today, we have come to resolve this long time mystery about cats. There have been extensive researches on pets’ behavior. We tried to research and conclude most important facts about cats and their behavior towards their belonging.

Remember, These are not scientifically proven facts. Our purpose is to make you able to know your pet more closely. We will always try to keep you updated for any future advancement in research. So, lets discuss some interesting facts about cats life.

Sense of safety & security

Cats are very sensitive about their safety and security. They have a strong feeling of being vulnerable. That is why we can see them very alert in open spaces. We can witness them to be confined in closed spaces where they have less vulnerable to be attacked.

Comfort & Luxury

Dis you know that an average cat can sleep up to 18 hours per day.

Looks lazy huh!!!

Yes, they are. We can see a wooden box as wooden box but it is a luxury, safe and cozy home for cats to take deep nap.

Source of Heat & Energy

Cats love cozy and warm environment. Can you imagine that the average comfortable temperature for a cat is around 35 degrees Celsius? Further, They also love to curl. Now you know, why they are so passionate and attached towards their living places.

Curiosity Nature

Cats, by nature, are curious creatures. They love to explore things. They feel pleasure in sorting out mysteries. Every new toy is an exciting thing for them. Whenever, you go to others’ place, you cat will investigate whole place to find the places of their interest.

Scratch, Play & Fun

Why we love cats so much?

Because, they are fun and playful. They play and enjoy the things so we enjoy them. Things are toys for them. They feel happy with them. They jump and scratch with them. So, along with a gracious place of sleep, these things work as toys and joy for them.

Psychological Relief

Cats are very sensitive pets. They, even, feel stressed many time. In such situations, their homes and toys are their stress reliever. It does not matter to them if their things are visibly ordinary, it works as magic for them. that is why, they are so attached with them, psychologically.

Anti social Behavior

Cats are anti social, by nature. If they are not so much willing to share their space with outsiders or less know species. Further, they have less ability to adjust and settle down things, accordingly. Instead, they avoid things and try to avoid conflict instead of managing them.

We hope, that you loved this information and it will help you make your attachment with their your pet more personalized. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to ask. If you interested in high quality modern cat accessories in Australia, you can approach us. Keep following us.