Vacation care tips for Cats

Vacations are the best time to leave the four walls of your house and go about exploring the world or well your state if you can’t afford the prior. However, this decision becomes a little difficult when you have a furry friend at home to take care of. That means you just can’t pack up your bags and leave; your little floofer or “floofers” are dependants on you to stay alive. But owning a cat does not mean that you do not get to have any vacation trips out of your house it just means that you need to be equipped and plan well to cater your cat’s needs.

Here the options that you can opt for:

Take your Kitty with you!


What could be more amazing than sharing your experience with your fur ball? Going out and about in the world and taking your cat with you ensures that he/she is provided the best of care under your watchful eye and you get to make memories that are going to last a lifetime. However, this can be only done for trips that are planned beforehand because it takes about 6 months to obtain all the legal documents for your kitty cat to be able to travel to another country. Here is a helpful article regarding the Visa and transportation regulations for your kitty:

Cat Sitter

The next best option is getting someone you trust to cat sit for you. This is the best alternative as the cat sitter can be a friend that your kitty cat is already familiar with which means that no separation anxiety or displacement issues. Make a comprehensive list that states all the requirements, quirks, likes, dislikes and emergency contact information for your sitter; even if it is someone you know.

The best way is to call in your sitter 2-3 days before leaving to greet your kitties and have them familiarize with each other.

However, let’s assume that none of your friends is available to cat-sit for you, hiring a professional cat sitter is still the better option because your cats get to stay in their own territory. As cats are territorial animals that do not like to be displaced.

Additionally make sure that your pantry is completely stocked with your kitty’s favorite food, treats, and litter or to be extra safe you can get smart products from Cat Evolution that ensures your kitty has fresh water and food even when you are not around.  


The last option that you have available is a battery. I have placed this last on the list because of two downsides:

  1. Kitty will be displaced from his/her territory.
  2. Might be the pricier option.

however, this does not mean that this is not a safe option. Here are 5 tips to help you make the best decision about a cattery Keep them in mind and have a carefree time of your life.

Leaving your cat behind and trusting someone else to take care of your four-legged children can be daunting and overwhelming but being prepared will ensure that you make the best decisions for your kitty that will make their time a breeze and allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest